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i-Chi: Simple and easy to follow 4-level Online Tai Chi programme.  Suited to complete beginner right through to intermediate levels. You will quickly be well underway with this anciaent art
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What is i-Chi?

i-Chi is a direct and innovative way for you to self-study the ancient art of Tai Chi. The foundations and underlying principles of the art are made easy to understand with our pragmatic approach.  We use many angled videos of live workshops, Master Classes along with written text, music and interviews to help you learn.

The teaching has been systematized to work through video.  We include important elements without leaving out or watering down any of the crucial aspects of the training. Beginners can start from scratch and our masterclass videos are suited to intermediate level practitioners.

As far as possible we avoid all use of esoteric and Chinese terms that give Tai Chi an air of mystique or flights of the imagination. We want you to feel good and so we emphasize genuine body sensations and exactly how to practice mind and body movements.

We offer you a direct and thorough training system that enables you to easily follow, learn and enjoy.

For Beginners: Simple exercises for you to relax, unwind and find your calm place inside.For Intermediate: In-depth detail is added as you apply the classic tai chi principles to each move and gain a deeper place of calm. For Advanced:  Master Classes that explore training ideas for internal forces, Fa-jin and push hand practices.
Who are i-Chi?
i-Chi is a group of dedicated Tai Chi teachers based in the South West of England from Tai Chi Nation and Open Palm Taiji Schools. Also on board are our Video and IT experts.The main instructor is Luke Shepherd who has 38 years Tai Chi experience and 25 years teaching.

We hope our combined dedication to our practice of Tai Chi, to our teachers and lineage plus our years of teaching experience are evident throughout the i-Chi programme.

‘I highly recommend i-Chi – it’s a brilliant concept, created 
by lovely, sincere and well-experienced people.

Great care has been taken to provide you a solid bedrock 
foundation to learn Tai Chi. I am proud to endorse it.’

- The Barefoot Doctor – author, broadcaster and Tai Chi practitioner for over 40 years.

What Makes i-Chi work?

Years In Development

i-Chi has been carefully structured to give you the best possible learning of Tai Chi.  Follow i-Chi's systematic programme and you will quickly feel really good each time your move. 

3 Camera Angles

We have filmed using 3 cameras to give you the best possible views.  It's really easy to follow and repeat when you need.

A Class In Your Home

You will feel like you are part of the class as you learn with the other students, anytime to suit you, day or night. 

More than 3 Years Of Study

We envisage that there is enough material in the i-Chi programme to keep you practicing for a minimum of 3 years. Many customers tell us they appreciate both it's quality and value.

What's Included

The i-Chi programme is comprised of fifteen 40 minute workshops covering the whole of the 37 Step Short Form

Each workshop covers 2 or 3 moves in detail plus all key learning points

The Workshops are divided into to 4 learning levels: From beginner to intermediate, developing the main principles and training methods.

15 x Workshops (40 minutes each)

Ten Minute a day exercise routines
Relax and stretch warm up routine
Meditative warm up routine

Invigorating warm up routine

2 x meditations
Tai Chi Form
Tai Chi Form Accuracy (inches)
6 x Masterclasses
2 x Tai Chi stories
3 x Music for Tai Chi
3 x eBooks

Sample videos

Three payment options

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i-Chi is a professionally produced, scripted and filmed. We are keen to make it accessible to all and offer a discretionary range of payment options.  We invite you pay according to your means. 

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