taichi teaching

Aims Of Open Palm

Ever have that feeling of being disconnected? Our experience of an inner world of movement, emotions and thoughts can seem separate from our outer involvement in work, relationships and daily obligations. 

Open Palm Taiji aims to give a clear and practical approach to unifying the inner and outer through refinement of our ability to listen to ourselves and act from a deeper level.  A way to help us feel good.

In Taiji training the passive aspects of listening, letting go and surrender are used alongside the active elements of intention, action and coordination of forces. Sounds complicated, but its a method to help us understand ourselves and be more in harmony...and that's a good thing!

Presenting a clear and practical map of how we function, Taiji aims to give the practitioner an insight into the balancing of inner and outer, leading towards clarity, integrity and harmony. Exactly!

The practice of taiji is enjoyable, but not an escape. It can be challenging and should lead to integration and an understanding of ourselves.
Body structure, clarity of intent, and aware mindfulness are the tools we use to help us become more alert, flexible and present. Ready to face the day...with a smile.