Taiji: In  the  lineage of  Master Huang Xiangxian,  Wee Kee Jin & Patrick Kelly

Tai ji gives me inner calm... it's that simple

Luke Shepherd

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Weekly Class

Exercise Sequences Form and Tai Chi Principles.

Each session is  recorded

Beginners 6:00 -7pm

Intermediate 7:15 - 8:15pm

All Welcome

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£50/£63 per 7 week block


Personal Training

A boost for your practice

By arrangement

Personal training to help you through Lockdown

Any Level

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£40 per 45 mins

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For Personal Feedback

In-depth feedback on your practice

Advice on your training

Any Level

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£40 per 45 mins

(£30 reduced income)

About Open Palm Taiji Quan
 A Member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain

Tai Chi  gives you tools to find your calm place in everyday life.  We show you how to bring the relaxation from the exercise class into your day.

Tai Chi We offer you a non-competitive approach to this fascinating art with classes from beginner to advanced.  8 out of 10 tai chi practitioners say they were hooked from the first class.  We've found a way of bringing that passion to video through our online i-Chi programme...take the hassle out of going to a class!

The exercises and forms  are based on Taoist philosophy that originated in China.  They encourage balance, harmony and promote physical and mental health. You will quickly feel good when you move.

A strong emphasis is placed on the training method in which the traditional Taiji principles have been carefully and rigorously maintained. These give you an enjoyable and exact way to learn.

We deliberately put technical clarity into the exercises.  You will quickly benefit from increased flexability and relaxation.  This means less aches and more enjoyment.

Open Palm Taiji recognises the difficulty in mastering Taiji, but doesn’t leave out or change traditional principles.  We realise that it takes more than just relaxing to do Tai Chi! We will show you the exact steps.

Taiji is seen as a discipline and like any art is mastered over a long time period. However, the journey of unfolding is enjoyable and inspiring!  Why not come and try a class on Zoom?                                             Tai Chi or Taiji...we don't mind...